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Scrap Metal Skip Bins in Newcastle, the Central Coast & Beyond

Our scrap skip bins take all types of disposable metals that are used for recycling including: aluminium, copper, steel (both heavy and light) and brass.

Products include car tyre rims, old ladders, bits of steel railing and any other household types of products that may be lying around the house.

If you have quite a significant amount of scrap metal, we can also arrange for a skip unit to be delivered to your site so the material can be removed from your site. We also accept reinforced steel (Reo) and structural steel (columns and beams).

All cabling is accepted for its copper content. This includes extension cords, computer cords, electrical cabling, and other electrical cords.

Why Choose Our Skip Bin Service?

S&S has earned a reputation for providing the most efficient service in Newcastle, the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & beyond. As such, you can always expect the following from our team:

  • Efficiency: We provide the region’s most efficient delivery & collection service. We understand that this is likely not the most enjoyable chore you’ll do today, and so we work to make it far easier for you. We will quickly deliver the unit & promptly collect it upon request.
  • Range: We proudly provide a full range of sizes that ensure you can fit the disposable materials with ease. You won’t have to worry about not getting the job complete with one skip unit – simply consult with us & we will help you choose the right one size for you!

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Call our experts on 1300 399 925 or fill out an inquiry form to request your unit skip today. We will quickly deliver it to your location and pick it up once you have finished the job!

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Commercial Customers

If you require a commercial account for ongoing rubbish/scrap removal, you can request this online here. We will be in touch to confirm and set up your account (7, 14, and 30 days end of month payment terms available).