When renovating your home and dealing with scrap, here are some simple ways to clear it away and be mindful of our environment.

  1. Sorting and categorising your scrap: Start by sorting the scrap and junk into different categories such as metal, wood, plastic, and general waste. This will make the disposal process easier and more efficient. If can also determine the price of your skip bin service.
  2. Recycling: Check if any of the materials can be recycled. Here at Skips and Scrap we are a licensed EPA center and we can pickup your recycle scrap via skip bins or you may choose to drop off direct at our centre in Tomago NSW.
  3. Donation: Do consider if you have items in good condition that you no longer need but are still usable, consider donating them to local charities, thrift stores, or organisations that accept construction materials and/or appliances, furniture. This can help reduce waste and benefit others.
  4. Rental Skip Bins: For your larger renovation projects, you can hire one of the large range of size skip bins to collect and dispose of the scrap. We can place our marvel skip bin or hook skip bin in a convenient location on your property.
  5. Junk removal: If you have a large amount of scrap or items that can’t be easily disposed of through regular means or recycled, consider hiring a skip bin for general waste. We can deliver same day skip bins and collect the scrap once you have filled the skip bin, ensuring proper disposal and/or recycling.
  6. Reuse and repurpose: Get creative and find ways to reuse or repurpose certain items. For example, old wooden boards can be used for DIY projects, or leftover tile pieces can be turned into coasters or mosaic art. Anything that helps reduce landfill is a win in our books here at Skips and Scrap Recycling.